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Citroen ID DS in Russia? YES!



Today there are about 20 DS in Russia. Many of them require serious
restoration works. But there are interesting cars which I hope could
be driven in the future.

The site still has no English version therefore if you are interested
in it you can use auto translators.

Site contents in brief:

-History of my DS (1972),
-About restoration and maintenance.
-DS in the USSR.
-Photos, test reports from the institute NAMI.
-Photos from the Rally France - USSR (1967) and Paris - Moscow - Paris (1984)
-Photos of DS

Have you any questions?
Have you any information about cars which photos are presented on the
If you are going to visit Russia driving your DS I will be happy to
meet like-minded persons.

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And you can take advantage of automatic translation of pages.
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Moscow, Russia